Holy Sex

Is religion still our moral compass for societal values or a coven of sexually depraved hypocrites?Put differently; is sex under the cover of religion acceptable?

Are many men and women morally and sexually depraved by nature but religion is inadvertently offering them a safe hiding place without realising that they are helping the growth of very dangerous pests in society? Are women and children safe under the assumed holy watch of religion?

How can we pierce the veil of piety or façade of morality worn by pests hiding behind religion and make our world a safe place for women and children to live in? Is it still right to accord so much respect to religion when many people within may actually be more dangerous than people outside?

In Christian religion, the Ten Commandments which in my opinion are a summary of the bible forbid premarital sex and condemn it as sinful.

In Islam premarital sex is also forbidden and women raped or caught having consensual sex with men whether married or not are seen as harlots and severely punished with some stoned to death.  The same applied to other faiths and there is a lot of secrecy around sex by religious people. In fact most religions condemn sex before or outside marriage. It is therefore unreligious to engage in sex and procreated if you are not married.

Italy is supposedly the capital city of Christianity in the world. Christianity to some is considered synonymous with chastity and piety and non-believers seen as sinners. Slavery was legally abolished in the UK in 1833 and the United States in 1865. However, human trafficking remains a scourge on the conscience of man. On a visit to Italy a long time ago, I realised that it is the capital city of prostitution in Europe and majority of the prostitutes are young women trafficked into Italy from Africa. I then began to question the morality behind pretending to be the capital city of Christianity and thus the umpires of chastity and piety but yet the country that harbours this type of ill.

In the past, many children who were placed in the care of religious people including Catholic Priests and Nuns became victims of sexual abuse of all kinds. The Church skilfully covered it. The abuse and possibly the effort to silence the victims obviously caused lasting mental and emotional damage to victims many of whom never recovered from the horrors of their dastardly experiences. Today, many of such cases are still being exposed and the Catholic Church is still paying compensations with some of the priests going to or escaping jail.

Looking at this, my big question is who is patronising this trade in Italy and the world? If sex is bad and condemned by religions and most Italians are God fearing Christians, who is the sinner and how many of the men in pious cloaks are part of this trade? Is it still right to pretend that religion or Christianity equates to chastity or high moral values? How can we stop the lies and hypocrisy and let the world know who is safe or unsafe to trust or deal with?

Turning to Islam, my big question all the time is if women can be stoned for having premarital sex why not the men who rape or violate them? Why are they free to still parade as good people while the women are not?

In the recent past in England, young girls were groomed for sex by young Muslim men who were later found guilty and jailed. Terrorists who claims to be fighting for Allah and condemns women wearing clothes that expose their bodies are known to have raped and continue to rape women. Boko Haram in Nigeria is a typical example. If Sex is forbidden in Islam and they are about Allah, what in Christ’s name were they doing raping and impregnating innocent young children or marrying them off to depraved animals like them? It was also reported that condoms were found in some of the places they were snuffed out of. If this is the case, were they married to these children they were raping and ravaging  and just having safe holy sex or having sex with them is not sinful because it was done under the cloak of religion? Why are they keeping them to continue to serve their lecherous appetites? Is the right thing not to stone them too? Again this is what I call the hypocrisy of man and man’s evil against man. (I must hasten to say that given the sickening attitude of Boko Haram and others like them, it is very clear that they are about power not religion. The only connection between them and Islam is the silence of the faith leaders many of who are taking their time to condemn their excesses or distance the religion from them to the detriment of the faith and society).

Still thinking and asking myself many questions, is it that these lies about religion being very important to our life and a good foundation for what is morally upright are clever attempts to suppress and repress man’s natural instincts and cause him to behave in a way which is very dangerous to society by many men and women who are very depraved but managing to hide their weaknesses with religion? Is it not time that we begin to look into sex and religion and set limits of control by law and religion so that those with the natural tendency to abuse their positions because of the cloak of religion are known and schooled on what is right or secluded from society if they cannot control their urge to ruin others while still hiding under religion?

Finally, I believe that religion may be doing more harm than good and ought to be urgently investigated and regulated by law. Unless secret sex or violation of others under the cloak of religion is also as holy as religion and not considered injurious in any way, then we must rise to the challenge and set parameters or forever die in silence while people who should be behind bars continue to use what we have come to accept as our moral compass to ruin others.

I was forced to write this piece after I read the BBC’s report on the assault on women by an organised gang of men many of whom are suspected to be asylum seekers. Germany recently accepted Syrian asylum seekers who are made up of Christians and Muslims. Cleary this is unacceptable and puts the fates of many desperate innocent people looking for respite at risk.

Looking at the above situations, it may be that it is time to begin to see religion for what it may be instead of continuing to look at it as the moral authority for values in society.









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