Gosh!!! Not even the dignity of body bags???

Being the news addict that I am, I was flicking in between channels for updates since I missed the national news when I stumbled across a very very distressing news report on Arise. The reporter said that Boko Haram torched more villages in North Eastern Nigeria yesterday killing more Nigerians. I guess that this would have been the Kano or Jos attacks.

I was unfortunate not to have looked away immediately because I saw dead Nigerians packed in barrows being wheeled away by ordinary citizens. Some men in uniform were rushing around without gloves or other mandatory health and safety equipment or gears.  I imagined the trauma these people were dealing with and the long term effect on them which is likely to result in acute post-traumatic stress disorder with no help at hand.

The sight was deeply distressing. I felt sorry and sad for our dead and those trying to help on impulse not thinking of the problems that will follow later including horrible nightmares.  My mind raced back to an incident about a week ago when a man was trying to cross over the road and slumped. Everyone ran to him and the police and paramedics where there in a flash. They sealed off the road without delay and pulled out a foil looking fabric which they wrapped around the man. Being curious and worried I hung around for a while. The paramedics landed like hawks to take over from the police who continued to block the road while they lifted the man into the ambulance. They did not waste time to speed off with their siren blaring. I was proud to be British.  I saw how much value the system places on our lives.

Again my mind raced back to Nigeria with so many questions running riot in my head. Some of such questions were; are our politicians watching all these? Why can they not stop to think of buying us even second hand ambulances if money for brand new ones will be too much for them? Why must we have plenty and yet be treated with so much indignity? Even dead dogs in some countries get better treatment and respect than my fallen brothers.  Can we have so much money and yet be living in such abject poverty? Can these people not given us even the dignity of body bags when we die on our streets due to their recklessness and negligence? Is it fair to treat fellow human beings in this manner simply because they placed their trusts on their leaders or the leaders forced their way through to become their leaders? Where precisely do we want to end up behaving in such manners towards one another?

Really really sad and more sad that someone can spend billions on a private jet, another can steal all our pension funds, politicians are constantly awarding themselves contracts that are never ever or poorly executed to make room for the same in the next year’s budget, $20b is missing from our petroleum funds, a state is about to pass a law allowing governors and their deputies to draw N100m Naira or approximately (£500,000.00) in pension, more money will be spent to get many of these non performing leaders back into office in 2015 and there is none for the common man who should have a share of our inheritance. How do these people be sleep and relax at home?

Nigerians are we our own best friends and brothers’ keepers or worse enemies? Why are we accepting these things? Some people have accused me of living too long in the West and I accept that this might be influencing my view a lot but my people what about common sense, humanity and morality? Why are we not asking questions and still voting for these people with some of us ready to die for them?

The Bishop of Canterbury attacked Prime Minister Cameron over the level of poverty among children in the UK and threw serious moral blackmail his way. Cameron came out fighting and defending their policies. Evening standards have since set up the poor fund and raised millions which they are giving to people who need it. People who make obscene money out of others are heavily taxed and they also readily give without asking but many of our leaders will not pay their taxes or donate to the poor unless there is something in it for them. This is why I will never take any local title or fuss about being awarded anything. For many of the rich and famous in the West e.g. Bill and Melinda gate, Warren Buffet, our own Mark Zuckerberg etc., giving is about living and helping others who are less privileged to live meaningfully if they can. I hardly ever hear about anyone of them donating money to support the poor unless there is something in it for them. Many will only give in return for awards or rewards like chieftaincy titles.

Since Boko Haram took our children people in the West and many poor Nigerians have been on the streets doing their little to help and many people are not thinking about the reasons why some politicians are able to use Boko Haram against us which includes poverty.

As against telling our leaders the truth just like the Archbishop of Canterbury did, our leaders are instead busy prophesying fake prosperity, success at the polls, lining their pockets with gifts of money and jets from our leaders and brainwashing many of their totally broken church members who bear the brunt of bad leadership. Yet they talk about morality and condemn people like me who will not succumb to their tricks.

I think that this is the time to stop and think. Otherwise we will continue to live with blaming our leaders but doing nothing while we make our gradual descent into total anarchy and finally into political oblivion.

Our life. Our choice.


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