GEJ and the PDP must not pop the champagne yet. (adapted views of news commentators)

Ekiti was won by Fayose because voters are no longer gullible and voting for parties or empty promises. They are voting for individuals who are in touch with them and likely to deliver on their promises. The Nigerian voter is now more aware and ready to take his future in his own hands. That is likely to be their attitude to 2015.

There is therefore a very high probability that because people generally see Jonathan as weak and lacking in the ability to fight corruption and end the suffering of the ordinary Nigerian, he is likely to lose in 2015 if any of the other parties have a better ‘people person’ (grass root trooper like Fayose) candidate to run against him.

It is accepted that the troubles of Nigeria were not created by Jonathan and he needs time to find solutions to correct our many years of bad leadership, he must nonetheless show visionary, dedicated and credible leadership. He can start with Boko Haram and prosecution of corrupt officials who he seems to be protecting and welcoming back to his government. His slow approach and refusal to negotiate with Boko Haram and bring back the girls first before dictating his demands is not giving Nigerians and the international communities any comfort or confidence.

APC on the other hand must kiss the presidency and other key offices good bye if they dare field Muslim Muslim candidates for the Presidency, Governorship etc. As matters stand, other than an acute unjustified desire to boot out Jonathan not just the PDP they do not seem to have any known vision. If they have any, it is similar to the agenda of the Muslim brotherhood of Egypt and ISIS of Iraq and must be resisted if Nigerians do not want Nigeria to descend into anarchy.

One commentator blasted GEJ as wholly incompetent and lacking in the ability to lead a nation like Nigeria. He considers the role of the Presidency too overwhelming for him and thus his inability to deliver on dividends of democracy to the conviction of the international communities or the average Nigerian who is not connected to him and benefiting from his leadership.

Mhhhhh! Do you agree? Does the religion or tribe of the candidates matter more than their competence and commitment?

Frankly speaking, I do not mind who leads me and for how long so long as they can deliver and make my dream of a fair and equal Nigeria reality.

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