GEJ 2015


So why is President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan the President of Nigeria? Why are some people resentful of him? It is argued that Boko Haram and corruption which has become synonymous with Nigeria and the bane of our development have always been there and Jonathan did not cause or bring them along.

Why has Boko Haram been silent but now so vile that they are described as a dreaded sect whose activities have landed us a pride of place in the lists of terrorist nations and corruption seems to be reaching endemic proportion in Nigeria.

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  1. Olufemi
    April 10, 2014 at 15:05

    It’s not really about Jonathan and it will be unfair to sayhe caused the violance and corruption causing depression in the country today. After all, there is no evidence he directly ordered the killings of Nigerians and the looting of Nigeria treasury. However there seem to be a popular demand for a game changer of the entire system. The electorate probably didn’t get it when the president said in his campaign that he had no enemies to fight. A statement which would later interprete itself in the actions or body language of the president.
    Therefore, for many it is difficult to say nothing has changed while others would say something has changed. And some would say they are still waiting for the game changer who for example will be seen to give proactive marching order to ministers, advisers and sundry govt workers to give results within a period or be fired; and the populace in one voice supporting his or her directives in any religious or tribal environment.

  2. Dim Sunni AaronsWuche
    April 10, 2014 at 17:51

    Every administration will put in place something the people will cry about to make them feel they are doing something or make it sound like it is so hard to run a government. They will prefer us to talk about terrorist group then talk about corruption. Boko Haram is not the problem of this admistration but it is the problem of the people. The government is not losing anything by having Boko Haram around.

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