Evil, vile, repulsive, contemptible or understandably forgivable??

A Georgian mother who was about 35 fell in love with her son’s 14 year old friend, went to prison for pedophilia, came out, married the child who had become an adult and now have two children with him.

Commentators feel that her conduct is repulsive and she is a pedophile. Sadly, I am compelled to agree with them because as a mother, I would not dream of abusing or defiling a child young enough to be my youngest child.

That said and whilst not wishing to be seen as supporting and promoting poor moral behaviour in society, I hasten to consider what the situation would be if a man does the same for cultural, religious or simply lewd reasons. Would he meet with equal condemnation and hatred?

Why is it that so much is expected of women morally and so little of men to such an extent that in some jurisdictions the age of criminal responsibility for women is as low as 9 and about 12 for boys.

Is it not about time we begin to look at these discrepancies and ask for equality before the law?

A woman is considered ripe for marriage but not eligible to vote before the age of 18. Contrarily a boy is not a man until he is 18 even though he can make a big woman pregnant.

Is this just and fair? You decide.

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