Now enter the gladiators: FFK V OBJ

A true match made in heaven or hell?

I will just take a back seat at our theater of political absurd called Nigeria, buy enough pop corn, put on my verbal missile bullet proof vest, 3D goggles, relax and watch in absolute glee.

Please if at any point there is a truce or interregnum and I fall asleep drooling on anyone’s shoulder in silent protest and disappointment, kindly forgive but do not forget to wake me up when they show starts again.

The beauty of all the joke is that FFK has everything to lose if things goes the wrong way for his paymaster on 28 March. That is if what I have read in almighty Sahara Reporter is wrong.

Baba OBJ on the other hand has nothing to lose either way. “If na jail by anyone e no go matter”. The bobo na old jail bird with experience. He can cope by writing more books, open letters etc. FFK may be made to answer for all his past and may not cope smelling the rod in kirikiri where he may not get the chance to say who he fancied, messed with and attack anything that looks like the truth etc.

Funny world FFK is now the best friend of many Ndi Igbo because he is the mouth piece of their man. Months back he was like a dangerous viper hated for daring to say that he may have had a thing or two with or about lady B and that Ndi Igbos are low life scroungers trying to take over lagos. He spoke for Fashola in defense of his illegal deportation of Nigerians from Nigeria.

Lol. I am loving this bloodless sport called politics in Nigeria.

The cinema house or theater of absurd is looking good. Viewers, speakers and listeners including Abati and Okukpe of course all dressed in verbal combat gears are gathering.

The queue for pop corn etc is growing and the seats are nearly filled up. Like a vicious mice I am sitting in the VIP gallery rubbing my hands in glee. Mind you I paid standard ticket but have got connections who sneaked me in here. Good to be connected to the good, the bad and the ugly

The big shots are looking at each other wondering who got her in here with some watching their expensive wrist watches, bags etc in case I make off with them. Trust me I am not that way. Your bags are safe. I am just admiring them. What else can a poor woman do?

Sorry I have to go now. The entertainment has just started. So remain good. I will come back and tell the story after 28 March and 11th April if they will ever come. Register now if you would like to pay and listen to my own version of the story.

Good morning my people.



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