The difference between the power of love and the power or love of money and power

loveHe is totally heart broken and grieving in silence but…who is the widower?

He was a young catholic seminarian. She was the neglected wife of a powerful politician who made every other woman but his wife happy. She had money but his affection and time were luxuries beyond her reach. She lived in absolute despair but could not complain because the world thought that she had everything.

He has no name or parents and lived off the generosity of the world. He was introduced to the politician for help and support as a young needy seminarian. The Politician hates all these church people but had to be seen as respectful of God. He sends him off to wife to be looked after as part of his own CSR. All their children lived and studied abroad. So he nicely fitted in and became the baby of the family. He was two times half her age and younger than their fist child.

Sadly he grew up too quickly and changed from baby of the family to the lover she never had and provided the love and affection her husband denied her. Initially, it was the biblical Joseph the dreamer story but he had no choice than to cave in. He provided love and sex and she provided money and everything else he ever thought he would ever have in his life including paying school fees for his siblings and building a home for them.  No one could ever suspect anything. She was doing God’s will and looking after a future priest who will one day look after the spiritual needs of many troubled souls.

He was shipped off to America on a course just before his ordination but he decided that he could not live the lie anymore and quit. Politician was distraught and tried to convince him to change his mind. He sent off to him, his wife whom he believed had become his mother and would convince him to be ordained. It was the perfect rendezvous. The rest is history as he never came back. He stayed and married an American woman who believes that she is his aunt and revered her with the reverence sacredly reserved for a mum in-law. She sent the children to Nigeria to spend holidays with her and they adored her too. She was the perfect gran. She dotted them with so much love that the kids would often not want to return to America after their holiday.

She was quite sweet. The sex stopped because of old age and illness but they were inseparable and she spared nothing on him and so the Politician who at this time was also getting tired and could not get it up anymore but was still giving out money to his sweet little angels. That man thing.

Sadly on this last journey to America, she passed on. She died in the arms of the runaway seminarian who thankfully became a doctor of medicine. He was distraught so silently and privately grieving for a lover but openly for a woman the world had begun to look at as his mum.  Wife and children are consoling him because his aunt had passed on but deep within his soul, he was grieving his first love and his world has crumbled.  He craved the sympathy of his lovers wife and children but found himself hypocritically sympathising with them while deeply hurting in his heart. What a difficult position to be in? Would anyone ever find out what transpired? I doubt it. She died with their secret. It may only find expression when he dies and leaves an author biography to be published posthumously. What a life? What a world? How many of us are in this mess? Only the four walls of our secret hideouts and our hearts can tell the stories.

Do not worry about the rest. The runaway seminarian and neglected wife won and the politician lost. This is the difference between the power of love and power of money. He was there for her until the last minute but the Politician’s young angels have all moved on with other Aristocrats and he will have to weave through the wilderness of old age with grey hair running down his nostrils and ears, nose dripping and some parts of his face shaved and not so often shaved sometimes. The young birds he showered with love and money in an effort to keep their attention while wife who genuinely cared suffered in silence have all gone and forgotten about him. There may be no one in sight or around to grieve his passing when the day comes.

Give love not money. Love lasts forever but money disappears with time.



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