Looking at the level of: sycophancy, hypocrisy, frightening impunity of leaders, total failure of leadership and the silence of scared citizens, I have come to the conclusion that the only way to entrench democracy, restore trust in leadership and reignite hope in a future devoid of criminal leadership in Nigeria, the judiciary must be made to work.

They must be challenged by the citizenry who must always stop at nothing to force them to account to them and where they fail to do so, they must be forced out of their glorious offices with their assets seized. To think that judges who earn about ten million dollars per annum would own a Rolls Royce, other choice cars and assets while flying around the world with no one asking questions is most hypocritical of EFCC and all of us citizens.

If anyone takes them to task, the rest of us must join the fight to make them account to us. If we can achieve this they will know that there is no hiding place for all the bribes people like Ibori and other Politicians pay them to do injustice or pronounce election winners as the lawful candidates.

We must begin to look inwards and ask ourselves what roles we have played in the growth or downward spiral of democracy in our country plus the legacy we would like for our children.

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