Defections or cross carpeting in Nigerian politics

Last minute cross carpeting by Nigerian politicians is traditional and no one blinks an eye whenever this happens. Close to elections some politicians will cross carpet more than three times in less than six months. So long as they have the cash and their praise singers are around it is business as usual.

This practice has sky rocketed since the birth of APC. PDP Governors and lawmakers are defecting in their droves leaving Nigerians like me wondering whether this is for the interest and greatness of Nigeria or the personal interests and political ambitions of the defectors and their new party. I also worry and wonder where this leaves our ailing and flailing democracy. How does this impact on the control of the soon to become former leading party of Nigeria (PDP) and the ability of the President to influence or pass enabling legislation.

Is this practice constitutional? If it is, is it not time to seek its amendment because it does not allow for stability or commitment to the goals of democracy?

As responsible citizens, how can anyone justify such flash jumping and assure me that they are in it for me not for themselves personally.

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