Deceitful or confused leaders

When are politicians (case study is Nigeria) going to get tired of lying and insulting the intelligence of citizens?

When are citizens going to get tired of listening to the insulting lies of politicians and begin to ask questions which will send resounding “Enough is truly enough salvos” to politicians and stop their impunity and disrespect for us?

A little while ago I walked into a TV programme where a Nigerian Minister was addressing a clapping Diaspora group and confidently talking about our exploding economy. He spoke very eloquently and convincingly about the possibility that in about 2017 Nigeria will overtake China and India to become world’s biggest economy. He was invariably inviting foreign and Diaspora investments not minding that we have yet to see or know what they have done with the ones some of us invested in the past.

I was incensed wondering if this exponential growth of our economy is in their minds or real and whether this is the type of fraud they feed the Nigerian President which then informs his belief that Nigeria is working. This therefore means that whoever says that it is not, must be an enemy of his regime trying to bring down his government.  To ensure that I am not one of the raving mad enemies, I thought that I should ask these questions and let Nigerians decide:

  1. Why is the economy booming and someone like Dora Akunyili, a national treasure died in a foreign land where she went to seek medical help. Are the profits/benefits of this exploding economy for the politicians alone and therefore not enough to maintain or build hospitals for us in Nigeria?
  2. When is this medical tourism going to stop and when are our run down hospitals going to be refurbished and equipped
  3. When are ordinary Nigerians going to begin to feel the impact of this exploding and overflowing economy
  4. What about jobs for our youths and many unemployed long suffering Nigerians
  5. What about support for our poorly trained and ill equipped service men and women together with their long suffering families many of whom are constantly exposed to dangers of fighting criminals without adequate support or are drained by poverty in the midst of plenty with many of their wards out of school or employment. We criticise and condemn some of them for mounting road blocks to collect bribes or for not delivering on their tasks; but can we conscientiously reap where we did not sow? This is no attempt to condone mediocrity but an effort to be objective so we may differ.
  6. What about the poor or none existent standard of education which has meant that lecturers violate young girls in order to write them questionable distinction and first class certificates for them while young men are forced into robbing and kidnapping sprees in order to get money to buy first class passes which many of them cannot defend and thus their inability to fit in anywhere?
  7. Teachers, lecturers nurses and essential service officers are not paid on time and some of them have had to turn class rooms and offices into mini markets or business spots where they sell and buy stock and crayfish while the students teach themselves if they care and there are chairs and tables to sit on and write and patients suffer and die in excruciating pains.
  8. Look at the state of our paralytic and non-productive ministries which cannot sustain themselves because politicians are filling them up with ill trained unqualified family and friends many of whom have no idea why they are employed but are still getting paid.
  9. What about security for the ordinary long suffering citizen? If our Politicians cannot provide safety and security for us how can they guarantee the safety and security of these investors and their investments?  And the list of questions bursting my guts while seeking the right for first expression among a million questions goes on and on and on.

In conclusion, if our Politicians are saying that I am wrong and Nigeria is indeed the next safest investment haven for rich foreign investors and Nigeria Diasporas who escaped the man-made economic hardship in Nigeria to find their feet after years of suffering in their host countries; why are these Politicians not investing all the monies they have helped themselves to in Nigeria?

Why are they still boldly siphoning our money off to many laundered money investment havens and snapping up choice properties abroad instead of reinvesting in this exploding safe economy? Would their charity begins at home patriotism of investing in our country and people  like the first son of Nigeria Dangote and his likes, not reassure us that they understand and mean what they are telling us? Otherwise, I can only but conclude that the constant reference to booming economy is the usual political scam aimed at deceiving Nigerians. Therefore if the economy is indeed booming, it is booming for them and their foreign investors not the ordinary Nigerian.

In my worthless meaningless opinion, they must stop the lies and reignite the trust of Nigerians in their ability to serve and not subjugate us and prove sceptics like me wrong by creating opportunities for all.

Otherwise, they must all stop the lies, reconsider their positions and change or quit. Enough is simply enough.

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    June 16, 2014 at 15:34

    Jenny, thank you for your true and apt comment. I only hope that some of those ruling class (the politicians and their cohorts) will pick up and read a piece such as this, perhaps it may tug a little upon their conscience. It seems to me that Nigeria’s numerous problems have so far defied any solution(s) and the mediocrity and corruption of those running its political and governmental offices does a lot more to deepen the sorry affair. Many of my colleagues and others that I know who like me fell for all the ‘drumbeats’ of the political junta about a booming Nigeria have all returned back to their residences abroad, saying things like, ”nothing works in Nigeria” and ”corruption has eaten into the fabric of the Nigerian society”. Then come the menace of Boko Haram and other lawless vigilantes not to mention quack doctors who help young pregnant girls to sell their own life babies who are later used in money rituals!

    My view is that while all the blame for every ills besetting Nigeria cannot be put only on the doorsteps of the politicians, a drastic change in their integral dealings and how they conduct all affairs and funds of the state will definitely go a long way in setting a precedent for a gradual transformation of the country as a whole.

    Babs Ibitoye, Esq.

    • Editor
      June 17, 2014 at 16:59

      Hi Ibitoye,

      Thanks for your comment. I totally agree with you. I used to go to their events but I have given up because there is really nothing in it for us. They seem to live in their own world where wrong seems right to them and right is wrong.

      Nigerians are not also helping the situation by not asking questions or doing their bits to make the difference.

      As you opined there is need for change but the steps towards it must be gradual though in my opinion holistic. All of us need to get on board. To think that apart from Igbinidion who was only slapped on the wrist, none of the politicians who caused problems for their states has been prosecuted or imprisoned is simply unbelievable. Ibori got out with all the charges but pleaded guilty on all similar counts in the UK and the judges who made that decisions have still not been pulled up or sanctioned. Only in Nigeria.

  2. Eyitayo
    June 16, 2014 at 15:50

    Till 2015

    June 16, 2014 at 16:01

    hi Jenny, your opinion is spot on. I think there are two strands here, the path of the politicians and the solution for the people.

    The path of the Politicians – these leaders are not going to change because change means they lose out, these guys are on inherently bent on being corrupt because they feel it is their birth rite.

    The solution for the people is to do the same thing we the African Diaspora did, take matters into our hands and stop relying on the Governments. We need to be creative in outsmarting the Governments, Africa has natural resources, but it is only the Governments that are currently trading them. Our plan is to allow ordinary Africans to start trading them and generating their own capital to address some of the issues you have mentioned.

    • Anonymous
      June 17, 2014 at 02:15

      Change is always difficult but unity is key!

    • Editor
      June 17, 2014 at 17:03

      I could not agree more. The big task is how to get our people to discharge their obligations to themselves.

      We need a total mindset reorientation.

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