The death of honesty and freedom of expression.


Last month there was uproar about David Cameron standing up for his faith

This week UKIP leader made clear his views about foreigners in particular Romanians. The nation is up in arms against him for daring to say his mind

Young Iranians who expressed their happiness dancing in a Youtube clip were arrested and locked up

Young buskers who were simply entertaining others and themselves were picked up and banged in by UK police to their amazement

Today Prince Charles is under attack for saying that Putin behaved like Hitler re Ukraine an almighty Russia considers his comments outrageous this is not minding that that they watched while people died in Ukraine for their economic ambitions.

Similar comments made by people in public offices in the past met with similar criticisms and stiff condemnations by political correctness conscious citizens.

Where does this leave honesty and freedom of expression?

Is it not better to let people say their minds and you know where you stand with them?

What is the point saying I believe in God or Allah when indeed you believe in science or nothing at all? Would it not be better for everyone to know what you believe in or stand for?

I personally believe in saying my mind and think that people should stop chastising others for telling the truth. All that matter and should matter is how the truth is told. Now we know that Cameron is proud of his faith, Nigel Farrage thinks that some Romanians are more crooked than the burglars and thieves he knows about in the UK and Putin is seen in the big circles as a brute. Now we know how to relate to the speakers when we deal with issues concerning their beliefs and leanings.

It’s better for an unemployed Romanian to know that there is no need wasting his/her time applying for jobs from Nigel when indeed he will have no interest whatsoever in considering his application.

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