Criticisms Of People In Public Office

I listened to a program which discussed the reaction of people in public office to criticisms. The presenter wondered if such people should take kindly to fair constructive criticisms and strive to change in order to be the the best they can be or take it personally and go after their critics.Public-office, courtesy of

It was quite interesting that a politician said that once you put yourself out there to serve, use the social media etc you must be prepared to be criticised and be told because that way you can evaluate yourself and the service you are providing in order to ensure that you are serving the people not yourself.

I thought that this is sensible and wondered what OBJ, GEJ, Stella Oduah and others who may have found themselves in the firing line of public opinion may say about this?

I personally feel that this politician feels this way because they are in the business for service not self aggrandizement. They are therefore ready to change and do the best for the people they are serving.

That said, I notice that sometimes some of us get mad with these people and say things they should not say. It is not nice to know that someone hates you or feel that you are not doing enough when what you are doing is your best. This means that the leaders and citizens must find a balance and act towards one another with respect and understanding. That will create a fair and just atmosphere where we can hear and listen to one another for the good of our country.  Keep smiling people. The long awaited Xmas is here.

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