A critical lesson/theory in Nigeria political diplomacy

Before you slaughter me please note that the following views which are not exclusively mine are some of the reasons why I strongly think that we need to start with a truth, reconciliation and peace and unity commission instead of “CON” FAB.

Nigerians must stop the hypocrisy and begin to communicate instead of intimidating one another under the guise of non- existent beliefs (primarily tribe and religion). The centerfold of our problems is selfishness dressed like love for our tribes and religions. These have both taken away our ability to reason properly, understand  and separate greed, politics, power and self-aggrandizement from democracy.

Therefore in order to overcome our current challenges we must go back to the drawing board.  Of course many of us will be criticised for daring to vocalise the thoughts of our minds and some even killed but trust me, unless we do, the gloss we continue to put on our issues can only but continue to confuse us while the real issues in an effort to find expression will continue to manifest in aggression, political violence and deaths of innocent citizens.   

“Vote for Jonathan. He is the best man for the job. Northern elites and his other detractors who do not mean well for Nigeria know this and so do not want him to continue in office. Though he is not a man of many words and may be lacking in charisma, he is the best and highest achieving Nigerian President. He simply needs the chance to finish off the good job he has started”

Why then the hurry to get him out of Aso Rock by hook or crook?

Northern elites,leaders and elders have marginalised and continue to marginalise and emasculate our Northern siblings for decades. They have provided no infrastructure or education of the mind and thus their ability to continue to brainwash and use disadvantaged citizens like Boko Haram to cause mayhem and retain power for themselves and their children. They have used money belonging to them and northern citizens to empower themselves and their children with a view to maintaining eternal hegemony in the North if not the whole country at the disadvantage of the majority.

The use of Boko Haram to intimidate and frighten off the current administration and Nigerians out of office is because they are afraid that if GEJ is given another 4 years in office he will achieve more than they have achieved in nearly 40 years.  Jonathan’s achievement especially in the North is huge and they do not want anyone to see it. Almajiri’s who we are told do not like to go to school as a matter of culture and tradition are indeed very intelligent but disadvantaged kids who are craving to be like those who through bad leadership have continued to neglect and repress them for the benefits of their own generations.

“As a result the failed Northern leaders are in a hurry to get rid of GEJ to avoid the catastrophe his success may cause in the North. They therefore only want us to see the devastation Boko Haram has caused and the presumed failure of this administration to save lives and properties. But as Sidney Sheldon wrotenothing lasts forever”. Unless young deprived Northerners are given the freedom they deserve in order to be where many members of their leading class are, a violent or peaceful revolt against them is inevitable. It’s only a matter of time”. 

The current state of play in Nigeria is therefore not only important because some of them want power back to the North to continue the marginalisation and emasculation of the core northerner, it will also cause them serious embarrassment when their despondent and totally forlorn citizens realise what they have missed because of their poor leadership.

The revolt that may follow will not only damage the business and personal interests of the northern leading class but also set their people free in such a way that they will become targets for repression as a punishment for all the hardship they have exposed our Northern siblings to.

The elites, leaders and elders would therefore not stand back and watch their kingdoms fall. They would use every arsenal available to them to cause maximum havoc and force ordinary Nigerians to hand over power to them. It does not matter who dies so long as they can cover their tracks and remain in office forever.

Do you agree?

This is something out of a conversation I had with a GEJ for life supporter.As always, it sent my mind on enquiry as always.

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