The coercive and highly destructive power of religion: opium of unschooled insecure minds.

Until religious leaders come clean about their motives which in my opinion have moved from fishing for souls and doing good on earth to looking for power and money; religion will continue to spread hatred and ignite wars among people and nations like wild fire.

There is no more value for the dignity and life of followers. Innocent children are used as spoils of war or shields against blazing guns just for the sake of evoking unjustified sentiments. Some brand children as witches in order to extort money and destroy families. Adults behave like animals allowing themselves and their children to be used as tools of havoc on society. The perpetrators of this evil on society and their children live like kings and queens while their lost followers live off crumbs from their cursed tables and poisoned chalices.

Because many politicians around the world are allowing greed to rule their minds and by so doing leave a trail of destruction which impoverishes the souls, hearts and minds of the people, people are seeking help in the wrong places: the secret and open places of money and evil worships cloaked as places of religious worships.

Instead of finding solace and assurance many followers are radicalised, mentally, morally and financially bankrupted or even killed. And the arrogance and ignorance goes on and on and on while the world helplessly or deviously watch in silence.

We are afraid to speak up against these ills because we do not want to be branded religious bigots while in my mind the real bigots are actually many leaders of religion who have turned religions into businesses and places of worship into evil coves and war cabinets from where they plan and launch destructive attacks on men and society.

The choice is ours but if I can say without being branded, religion is quickly losing its face value as the moral foundation for life and society. Therefore many of those still believing in it without asking questions must stop, think and be sure that what they are being sold is what they need and that they are not wasting their time.

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