Clara Chime – An Update

It is wonderful to know that Clara is now out of danger and recovering well. I am sure that many of us have seen her Channel TV interview where she was calm and totally in control of her life and the issues put to her. clara chime

What was most admirable is her exemplary dignity. Although she has every right to be bitter and dish the dirt on her husband, she remained very dignified and paid respect to him as the father of her son. That was beautiful. I hope that people who may find themselves in her position will learn from her. She is a true champion who is creating precedents for other parents to follow. 

Comparing her present weight and looks to the Clara Governor Chime married in, I think 2008, many of us especially women who are usually more prone to domestic violence and abuse must begin to appreciate why it is important to speak up and not die in silence. I am aware that many other supposedly high profile Nigerians are going through so much but may be afraid to speak because they do not want to lose the respect they think they command or the privileges of their positions. I can imagine their fears but must assure them that life is more important than those privileges and having money, power and influence does not exclude or exempt anyone from the dangers of depression. The consequences can be quite dangerous too.

I joined the call for her liberation from illegal detention in an environment which she considered threatening and unhealthy for her mental health after I watched her in that interview in the presence of her presumed oppressors, Governor Chime and his aides. From the video, it was clear that she was unwell. She was seemingly restless and troubled. Her demeanor said a lot about her fear of her environment and the underlying issues which triggered her challenges. During the Channel TV interview, she looked calm and relieved which was such a joy. She made a very important point which was that her husband created situations which made her depressed. So spousal abuse is not just about physical violence.

I was however saddened that as a result of the decision to keep her at home instead of hospital for proper treatment she had been given wrong medication and treatment. This has contributed to her ballooning from size 12 to 18. I thank God that she is alive to tell her story and on the mend. I also admire her determination to get better. Hopefully many people who may be going through her experience have taken something away from her interview looking at the old and new Clara Chime. Everybody goes through challenging times in their relationships but the sooner you seek help the better. Clara did and she is still here. Many people who remained silent are dead or in mental homes with no hope of full recovery and the children they were trying to protect are suffering.

Given the rampancy of mental, physical and emotional abuse among spouses in Nigeria, I am of the opinion that she should sue her husband’s preferred doctors for medical negligence. They are insured and need to cough out. It is not because she desperately needs the money, but because she needs to create a precedent for other abused spouses some of whom funny enough are men.. That will not only stop people taking the law into their hands but save lives too. Clara was lucky to escape alive but people who remain silent may not be so lucky and the abusers and their accomplices; medical doctors in this case will continue to abuse and hurt people with impunity and get away with it.

I cannot finish this post without saying a big well done to all compatriots (Social media rebels as they call us in Nigeria) who fought for Clara. Clara’s freedom from bondage was a landmark victory which must be applauded and continuously aimed at. If I get it wrong and need to be told off, then tough luck. I must be told off for the good of mankind and society. So do not be blackmailed into thinking that you may be doing anything wrong because you are not. Always speak and stand up for justice. We killed the shut up bill and many more victories will follow. Shalom!

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    December 25, 2013 at 22:08

    I read this woman’s story in an article somebody kept at my desk at work and I was so saddened by her story. What made me happy was that a human right organization stood up for her. I am glad she is released from her husband’s bondage and she can function normally despite the emotional abuse that she went through. Abuse not matter the time is never healthy and the worst is emotional abuse nobody can see.

    Talking of suing the medical doctor(s) that administered wrong medication to her, Nigeria is a lawless county where the law is respecter of persons. Her husband should also be sued for unlawful imprisonment. He had no right under the sun to have that lady under house arrest for no just cost.

    Now that she has opened up, I hope other ladies that are going through the same thing can come forward because if they are no heard, the abuse continues.

    Please live in Peace and not pieces!

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