Chinese building railways to assist them to transport African natural wealth to China

This is the second colonisation of Africa on our open invitation

A few years back I learnt about China entering into agreement to build roads, railways, hospitals and others for Congo. I smelt a rat and asked if this is for Africa or China describing the idea as the second colonisation of Africa with the consent of those leading Africa for the advantage of China and disadvantage of generations of unborn African children.

A few minutes ago BBC world service discussed China’s involvement in African countries and the purpose of building the railways. Surprise surprise they came to the same conclusion as me. They are not interested in Africa because they care about Africa but because they see the opportunity to rape Africa economically. The Railways which will connect Africa and China are therefore for easy transportation of African minerals and resources to China.

What is very interesting in these agreements is that China is going to be the end benefactor but they are possibly not contributing to the construction costs but will be paid with minerals and other resources not cash. The big question on my mind is how the minerals have been valued and does such valuation take into account the likely changes in market behaviour which going by current economic trends, the minerals will be worth more by the time the projects are complete and they begin to realise the value of their investment.

Of great interest as well is the fact that although there is mass youth and adult unemployment in Africa due to corruption within the leadership class, China will bring their own work force from top engineers down to labourers and use their own building materials to carry out the works too. Although Africa is seriously struggling economically for earlier mentioned reasons induced by greed and lack of humanity, she can pride herself as one of the continents with the greatest number of highly educated bright graduates of engineering, medicine, science etc., there is no mention or consideration of these young minds for employment by Chinese masters and our leaders may be busy cutting deals for them and their generations without realising the impact of their bad decisions on future generations of Africa. They will pay the price for the greed of their leaders and bear the brunt of hardship this will cause.

Many Chinese people are in Africa with and without visas and no one is troubling them because of our residual slave mentality. Unfortunately the Chinese are wiser and maintains strangulating immigration controls in their country. Africans who dare to overstay their visas are constantly picked up, jailed, sometimes killed in China and no one cares.

Of great interest to me which I will not forget is the killing and dumping of Nigerians in their morgues and their audacious threats that unless we claimed them they will bury or cremate them. That was shocking but did Nigerian government challenge them, not at all. They got away with it. As many Nigerians and Africans out of fear and bad advice travel out there with fake names, many families are still waiting for their dead relatives to return not knowing that they have been murdered and possibly thrown away by the same people who are now their friends and about to clean them out.

I am hoping that some African leaders will read this piece and ask themselves questions. At the risk of being dubbed racist, many of the jobs I can do in Africa as a professional will be nicely offered to an illiterate Chinese labourer who cannot speak English or any of our ethnic languages while I stand no chance and no one cares. Africa’s highly educated brains are wasting away in factories, farms, restaurants and other dark places in China trying to make a living and will never dare dream of any white collar jobs in China.

I think that it is time for Africans to wise up or posterity will judge our leaders very badly and congratulate our new slave masters.

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