Italy , Catholicism, human trafficking, modern day slavery, prostitution in a supposed holy country and human hypocrisy.

As Catholics we are supposed to be the most sanctimonious Christians with very high morals. We are usually the hardest to convert. Anyone who may have attempted to convert me or anyone in my family can tell you their experience.

All that said, I am struggling to reconcile our high morals with the conspiracy of silence surrounding human trafficking and prostitution or understand who patronises human trafficking into Italy.

The victims end up on the streets as prostitutes. Who is sponsoring this heinous trade and whose sexual avarice is being fed and protected? Catholics or?

The Pope is appalled and on a mission to end the trade. That takes me to the Catholic priest who was part of the baby factory ring in Nigeria. So are we still as sanctimonious as we are supposed to be. Just wondering.

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