CANUK: The Central Association of Nigerians in the UK.

Can a group Pa Christopher Kolade set up to unite us and solidly reinforced by Dr Taffida end up dividing us?

 Canuk has been in the news since October 2015 when at a meeting of community leaders at the Nigerian High Commission it was alleged or revealed that the current Chairman and some members of his pseudo cabinet which was set up and inaugurated by him before the elections in April 2015, registered fake groups in order to win the election. Efforts by Nigerians to get an answer and rest the matter met a brick wall as the Chairman refused to speak to anyone or openly deny the allegation.  He rather began a campaign of calumny against members encouraging many of his weird followers to ignore and see them as detractors who are jealous of him. The big question on my mind anytime I hear about this jealousy is, why are these people jealous of the new Chairman but never the first Chairman and his immediate predecessor? Does this not say something about his leadership skills or lack of them?  

 Well, there is limit to human endurance. So patience and understanding turned into frustration. People went on the social media asking questions in addition to emails which have been ignored. This seemed to have worked. Internal appeals by the General Secretary urging a moratorium to enable the new executive look into the matter suddenly emerged. The aggrieved members obliged him and an informal agreement for cessation of hostilities pending their formal response to members re the allegations of electoral fraud and discontent with the despotic divide and rule leadership style of their current chairman followed.

 Well, it would appear that the leadership of the group is not really interested in resolving the issues and may be buying time to do what some of them know how to do best; going behind people’s backs to stab them, selling lies to the Nigerian High Commission against people they know have the ability to stand up to their brutish leadership born out of the insecurity of some of them who are desperate to be seen for contracts and appointments at home and buying their way through with money in readiness for a fully divided house come April 9 AGM. What a pity? Good leaders are known for their ability to unite not divide. So food for thought, if this young man understands leadership.

 Things came to a head on Thursday 4th February when PMB was officially received in London. News had it that the ever combatant Chair of the group was determined to exclude many credible hard working Nigerians who have supported the Mission over the years and instead present his gullible sympathisers, praise singers and many unsuspecting Nigerians who do not know the extent of the rot in his leadership. Common sense however prevailed and he did not have his way.

 What I find quite interesting is that at occasions like this many Nigerians who have no idea what service to the community means and who hold no position other than sycophants are quick to accept invitations and show up just for the fun of being seen as wining and dining or rubbing shoulders with people that matter. I will actually be embarrassed if I were in their positions. What about community first? What about solidarity and standing up for what is right? What about what we can do for our community instead of what our community can do for us. Is the little purse set aside for managing CANUK by the Mission enough to buy the conscience of the people charged with the responsibility of managing the affairs of the group in order to ensure that there is peace and unity among us? Is anyone being paid more money than they deserve and therefore prepared to ruin the reputation of the Mission?

 As many people know, I am anti-establishment and not afraid to say my mind. As you can’t eat a man’s food and curse him instead of saying thank you, I always do my best to keep away from them so that when they step out of line and I have to say something I will say it without fear or favour, friendship or anticipated loyalty because of rice, dodo or pepper soup which I know that many good Nigerians will give me free for my conscience.

I was of course not invited because I was marked as a trouble maker who must be avoided. Again, it is funny that when this chap needed my support or since before he became the Chairman, I was not a trouble maker but have suddenly changed and become jealous of him.  I wonder what for? May be I want his position to go and shake hands and take pictures with politicians? Isn’t it very interesting that I never bothered to get into the race and supported him when I thought that the previous Chairman was interfering in his business? Yet I am so jealous. I would not have gone to the reception anyway. It is not my style to pretend that all is well when they are not. I had previously turned down their invitations and not worried about it. My conscience is priceless and cannot be bought with a plate of rice and picture with people who do not even know or care about me. So no love lost.

What I still do not understand is why the Mission seems to prefer protecting a single man, a few of his cronies and some people in the Mission instead of the community and its good name? Is the interest or ambition of one man and his pocket supporters greater than the well-being of the whole community or have the key people all lost their minds? What a travesty of justice and way to trample upon the shinning legacy of Dr Kolade and Taffida Someone believes that some of the architects of the disrespect of great members of our community have a tribal agenda and interest to protect. I hope that this is not the case.

 Pa Christopher KOLADE and Alhaji Sarki Taffida broke through those barriers and made the Mission a home for all. It will be sad if we denigrate the efforts of these two great men and allow ourselves to go back to those days when people like Alhaji Alhaji messed Nigerians about.

What is laughable is also the fact that the new Canuk chairman has only been in CANUK since 2013 when he was co-opted by the former leadership and his tenure is for only 2 years. So if his ill-fated leadership ship survives its full tenure, he would have been gone in less than 14 months but he is carrying on like this office for life. Mugabe comes to mind. Someone says that he has sworn to die fighting to keep his office rather than succumb to the pressure to tell the truth or resign. Waoh! This truly means the world to him and some of his cronies.

 He ignored his predecessor at his end of year event and did not extend the invitation to last Thursday’s event to him and others. I hear that in his speech on Thursday he invited PMB to his 2016 end of year party.  I can only but laugh and wonder how shallow? He does not seem to understand that PMB will not be impressed by party. Like me, he can do with some rest and focus on matters of good leadership and conscience.

How short sighted can many of us be? So driven by power anyone that truthfully tells this chairman that he is a show man not a leader becomes an enemy who must be avoided and excluded from events and many of those who should speak are speaking behind his back but praising him in his face? Also nothing has told him that nothing lasts forever therefore if the past Chair is now an ex-Chairman that he too will soon become an ex-chairman too? An Oyibo proverb which says “be nice to people you meet on your way up because you may meet them on your way down comes to mind”

 Does this chap realise that if he fails to deal with these issues he may end up in history as the worst Chairman Canuk ever had? Would this this in any way look like a good thing on his CV? I do not think so because if I am in a position to hire and fire or vote and his name comes up anywhere, it will definitely be a no for me. If he cannot manage CANUK or respect the people who sustained CANUK and made her look for attractive to him and his game masters, then what is the chance that he will change if I give him another chance or a bigger responsibility where he will be required to deal with people not dance parties and manipulate a few people? Can he cope?

 I think that he enjoys his current power of blackmail, divide and rule and exclusion of none “YES” members but forgets that power will eventually shift and be in someone else’s hands and even me the trouble maker? If Nigerians defied the imaginary or delusional power of the incumbent and got rid of a sitting President what is the guarantee that this office is for life? Or is he banking on his alleged OBJ style second term secret agenda which sadly is already dead on arrival? Unless it is convenient not to understand the law  while playing OBJ, Gbagbo, Nkuruziza etc. our constitution whether reviewed or  not simply says “serve not co-opted, elected or associated” and we cannot import any alternative interpretation to suit anyone’s particular idiosyncrasy.  Out of interest, why are some of us selectively dim witted and short sighted?

 Oh goodness! I better go. The new chairman has a squadron of gun blazing men and women of God one of whom has already told me that I am a community Octogenarian who is impervious to change of the kind they are trying to bring in. Change for real! And you are afraid to tell us why you registered 8 groups in one day or be bold enough to stop spewing ignorance on people and answer our questions.  

 OMG! I am in trouble. They may soon turn up with their bibles screaming “Holy Ghost fire” or threaten to open the gate of hell like their ilk. One of our pastors threatened that before our last election but look where they are today. I sometimes think that the table has turned and God has turned the gate of hell on our politicians not Nigerians as they planned. He is indeed a living vengeful God. All of us are managing to buy bread and live in our cold homes but the big money guys are smelling the rod in Kuje and other prisons. I better shut up. I am hypertensive and may die if the new CANUK leadership turns God and sets the SSS on me. OK I forgot. Dokpesi has apologised and retracted his filthy abuse against Asiwaju. I better get this man who refuses to divorce me to give me my divorce now now so that I can marry a big shot like Dasuki or Danjuma and become untouchable. That will be a cool licence to turn real Dr Damage in Diaspora.

God please help me. My mama and papa are dead and they left no big money to use in fending off the EFCC and SSS. So although I have issues with their games I would rather not wait and watch them, battle with all the devils in hell when they open the gates of hell and let them out and they refuse to go back. Lol!!!

Very sad! People like this young man and his cronies fail to understand that Nigerians are speaking out on Social media because it seems to be the only medium for communication that gets their attention. When one of us pointed out that if in indeed they got into office by fraud, it is wrong and ought to be investigated, they simply brushed aside her petition and turned on the aggression. However, when Nigerians waited and there was no response and went on a social media rampage, they came running asking for a moratorium on social media complaints. They were respected but have they done anything, not at all. They have rather secretly been approaching people including key people in Nigeria and telling them to ignore Jenny and her gang because they are jealous, useless and out to cause troubles. This is a game they played before the election and won but I do not think that it will work this time. Nigerians are better informed and know that many of them have no pedigree and must be watched and fiercely challenged.

Whenever I think of the idea that any Nigerian is jealous and in one faction or another, I also remember the American guy who picked up guns and mowed down LA police, ordinary innocent citizens and others before he killed himself. I do not support or condone what he did and will never do so but most times when I think about him I always wonder if he would have done that if anyone cared to listen to his complaints and protests. I often believe that if they did he would have not done so or someone would have at least worked out that he has such high level propensity to kill and destroy lives.

The good thing is that Nigerians are very angry people and talk too much but not many of us have the liver to do evil. So I am happy and will wait for that almighty AGM when we will get the chance to ask questions. That is if the SSS and security at the Mission do not ban people like me from that meeting or even approaching the Mission before then. Do not forget; Jenny is a trouble maker and must be avoided. Let us wait and see how this Nollywood script ends. ©

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