#bringbackourgirls campaign, Nigerians, democracy and human conscience

I notice that there is yet another attempt to politicise the plight of our young ladies who have been in captivity since 14th April.

PDP political campaign/propaganda on NTA talks about the APC using the plight of the girls to discomfort or distract GEJ led government and thwart his 2015 ambition. This is based on Audu Ogbe’s statement which clearly applauded our #bringbackourgirls campaigners whom he described as members of the APC.

I am lost. Why is everything in Nigeria about politics? Can we ever see any good in others who do not support the PDP, APC and many of our no good politicians? Have we all lost our marbles and thinking from our pockets instead of our brains?

Why is the pursuit of good conscience, justice, fairness and integrity of the person a political propaganda affair in Nigeria? Do Nigerian politicians really understand the sensitivity of this issue? MPs in the UK would usually vote against their parties or abstain from voting if the issues at hand do not sit well with their conscience or mandate given to them by their members. I doubt that I am aware of any Prime Minister condemning any such conduct as blackmail. So why Nigeria? Why my people? Why?

What is really wrong in members of the APC leading the campaign to bring back our girls? Would it have been better if it is led by the PDP or no one at all? This reminds me of the deportation of Nigerians from Lagos when Ngige and Fashola who later apologised claimed that it was an attempt to ruin Ngige’s gubernatorial ambition. They hired the usual greedy Ndi Igbos to make noise about it.

I am aware that many Nigerians have misgivings about whether the girls are missing or not but is it not right to think that until they are found or we are authoritatively told that they are not indeed missing and their parents confirm that, someone should be looking for them?

Do we still have conscience in this country called Nigeria? Is democracy a curse or blessing?



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