#bringbackourgirls campaign. Nearly three months on, where are they?

CHIBOKAlthough due to the level of human and economic destruction we have allowed our past and present leaders to bring upon Nigeria many of us have become highly insensitive and totally impervious to the pains and sufferings of others, there remains a few Nigerians who still care because it is right to have conscience and feel for others.

I bless Nduka Obaigbena and his Arise News outfit for remaining the voice of our Chibok girls and many voiceless Nigerians.

Initially many Nigerians did not believe that our girls are missing because we did not have names or pictures. Some of the names and pictures were published by some newspapers but as cynical and insensitive as many of us have become, we ignored and trivialised them insisting that the abduction is a hoax. Thank God for Arise News who have not relented in their pursuit of justice for these girls and Nigeria. Now they show their pictures and call out their names all day. So who is still in doubt? Have you seen any of the girls around?

I was appalled to see on FB that patriotic Nigerians like Obiageli Ezekwesili who are standing up for our girls are being demonized and given political tags just because they are standing up where many of us should because our government is failing us. How awful and demoralising? I wonder when a picture of me and others who have been campaigning for the girls’return will appear with demonic horns on social media just like bearded and spectacled Oby Ezekwesili. Very sad. Many countries have taken advantage of social media and influenced changes in the way they are governed but we seem to be using it negatively against one another.

We are again falling for the tricks of our politicians and not realising that we the citizens are the real victims of the follies of the common enemies of Nigeria:, our criminal, corrupt and greedy leading class. When are we going to learn and unite against them instead of ourselves?

APC and PDP are busy politicking. GEJ is alleged to have paid $1.2m to a USA Pr company to launder his image. APC is meeting to assess their heavy defeat and put plans in place for Osun, but who is talking about our missing girls, victims of Abuja, Kano, etc bombings and abductions, our unemployed youths, the sick and elderly and all our problems? No one and unless we rise and speak for ourselves and refuse to connive with politicians to execute their well planned persecution and humiliation of all of us, 2015 will come and go and it will be business as usual until 2019.

We need to give up the sickening sycophancy, tribalism and religious bigotry or face Somali situation in no distant future.

How sad my people how very very sad.

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