Bride price (dowry) in Igbo land, Nigeria and other cultures.

Should this still be tolerated in a modern society? If we are against human trafficking which gives the end buyer the choice to humiliate and violate the victims because they paid for them and own them as their properties why must we continue to tolerate bride price?

Is it not time to abolish it or give people the option to opt out if they do not agree with it as I do not? My father did not agree with it and refused to accept it on my head (as we say) but his relatives insisted making him take a little sum as a mark of his consent for me to marry the man. (I wonder what they would have done if I ran away with the man as I planned to elope with someone else before him but they caught me on time. This person was alleged to be an Osu (an outcaste) but that was the buzz for me).

I am a natural born anarchist and do not like people imposing on me views or ideas that I do not understand or agree with and which tend to bring about injustice and human suffering.

Is it nit arguable that bride price contributes to the exponential incidences of domestic abuse and violence against women by men who think that once you pay for the hands of a woman in marriage, she becomes your personal property to use, beat the living hell out of, trash or even kill when they like? Just thinking out loud.

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  1. Andrew
    July 16, 2015 at 16:05

    You tend to be right but consider that majority of the men love their wives deeply. Some even adore their wives as a ‘God’. What do you say about them?. It is not good to condemn a group because one or two persons misbehaved.

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