Boko Haram, 2015 and the future for Nigeria.

Take it or leave it Boko Haram and their sponsors have created a bad precedent for leadership in Nigeria. We must look further down the ally to see where the silence and uneasy failure of our leaders to silence them will take us and come up with ideas on how how best to defeat the terrorists.

Asari Dokugbo has made it very clear that unless GEJ wins the next election mayhem will become Nigeria. Boko Haram on the other hand have no care in the world and are already showing us some of what will be their intensified aggression if GEJ does not leave now and give up his 2015 ambition.

Clearly, it is a no win situation because whoever wins and moves into Aso Rock makes no difference. Nigeria may become the next Israel and Palestine which is no good for the future.

Although many people will challenge me on this and some will congratulate me for stating the obvious which is what they want regardless of whether whoever is our President is the right caliber of leader we need to emancipate, GEJ winning the next election is non negotiable. He is our next President. Additionally, whether violence will continue during his tenure is also not negotiable.

The only thing we are not talking about and which we must begin to talk about is how to calm the nerves of criminals who are determined to create problems no matter who is in Aso Rock.



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