Bigotry: The crown or bane of life in Africa?

Put boldly or simply and of course at the risk of the usual bashing; is bigotry or arrant ignorance, a part of African culture, religion and tradition that must continue to be propagated, protected and saved for the next generation or the bane of life in Africa which must now be nipped for the greater integrity, posterity, safety and security of the life of the ordinary suffering African and mankind?

Radio Biafra, Sudan, Congo, Rwanda, Burundi etc. on my mind.

Otherwise, why would those of us who have suffered to be allowed to live in the West continue to champion or condone the pursuit of ignorance and hatred like life itself and always prepared to lie, cheat, deceive and even pay money to continue to propagate and protect bigotry or ignorance at home while comfortably living in Diaspora? They must watch desperate journeys on Al Jazeera TV.

It is a known fact that many Africans live in near hell in Diaspora all because they are running away from the hardships at home. Some have married total strangers and are living with enemies or monsters. Others have mortgaged their lives and future to everlasting unhappiness and will die in it because of the need to continue to have the right to live in the West away from all the problems created by ignorance at home.

I can bet that some may have died as a result of this too and many of our precious children, the pride of the African man next to his God and land lost to the system forever. Mental homes are now our next best destinations or homes but the rush to live in the West continues regardless.

I often flip over channels to avoid watching many of us who have drowned in the sea on their way to an imaginary promised land in the West being rolled out in body bags with no chance of dear relatives at home ever finding out what happened to them. They are given mass burials if they are lucky to be found and no funerals. Some may have become great meals to sea monsters. I also often remember the video of dried dead bodies of Africans trying to cross over to the West via Sahara desert. Who knows, if the heat was not too much for vultures, they must have fed on them too. The songs “By the Rivers of Babylon and Fela’s long long time ago African man no de carry shit” often begin to make more sense to me whenever I see these things.

I then wonder about our leaders who live in absolute luxury at the expense of their suffering siblings along with those of us in Diaspora who support their arrogance and ignorance because of our inherited prejudices of tribes and religion or greed. In the past if you were rich but no one could establish your means, you were avoided. Today, you are king with many sycophantic followers who are ready to kill and die for you in order to become like you or benefit from your loot. The Pastor, man or woman of their own little gods is now the new omnipotent and untouchable. Do not forget the resultant constant flights of fate or modern day exodus from Africa to the West plus the attendant dangers? In silent conversations with myself I often wonder what may be their motives but still I cannot find answers. Evil is now good and god evil. Kidnapping is employment and if you are well connected you can kidnap anyone and demand anything.

Today, I concluded that ignorance or bigotry may be part of our culture, religion and traditions thus the need to continue to preserver rather than tackle and abolish them. Otherwise why are we not seeing the havoc of it on our continent and standing up against it. Sensible people would attempt to eradicate it through education of the mind and conscience and stop the waste of time and life while on exodus into a further life of pain and suffering in the West.

So should greetings be welcome to Africa the land of bigotry and ignorance or welcome to the next best investment destination where only the rich feel the exploding economy while the poor still suffer and die singing the alleluia of greatness to corrupt politicians who should be sitting in jails instead of their exalted castles????. I wish that I have the answers.

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