Beauty And The Beast! Oldie And Youngie!

beauty and the beast

Is the Yerima syndrome sweeping through Nigeria?

It would appear that the latest trend in Nigeria is mega rich dead men walking with one foot in the grave marrying babies in napkins and greedy parents greedily betrothing their young angels to people even older than themselves, bride’s parents. So what is going on? Is this the Yerima syndrome or signs of how low our strikingly rich politicians and others are prepared to go in the name of money and power?

I am aware that when most men young or old dies, wives are expected to stay home and raise the children on their own. Without choice, they become the objects of the lecherous desires of village louts and some city boys who make a point of coming home for less expensive rendezvous with voiceless widows. If any such unfortunate “every village lout’s toy” turns down their sick advances, then she must wave good bye to every little property her husband left behind and tell the village how she killed her husband. If she escapes to the city with her children, she has run off to be with the men who helped her to kill her husband. She is not safe from wives who target her for fear that she will take their husbands.  Life indeed becomes hell for her.

Well, the story is different for men many of whom stray without fear while living with their beautiful wives. Some usually have babies on standby waiting for the old witch who gave all her life to him and his children to drop dead. So once they are gone a replacement is there. I like the excuse that the men need companions to cook for them or look after them. I wonder why the woman does not need looking after. Precisely! Do not worry about STD. If it happens, it’s the woman’s fault.  In Igboland it is called woman disease (oya nwanyi).

What is so interesting is that many of these men, like Yerima are cradle snatchers and will go for girls younger than their grandchildren. I often wonder how they communicate because at that age some of them only understand Osadebe or Ebenezer Obey and have bad sight and even mental health problems while the young girls are beginning to discover designer gears and crushing badly on Dbanj etc.

I often wish that I can eavesdrop into their conversations. I sincerely believe that they fight all night because they are generations apart and have nothing in common. At my age, my eleven year old nephew fools me when he likes. So you can imagine what a 26 year old girl can do to a 78 year man.

Jokes apart, why are these young ladies wasting their youth messing with these men? What are their parents thinking? So you choose to nurse an old man over sharing your life with a man your age and working damn hard for your pennies and respect? You are ready to be constantly beaten up by older wives and their children in some cases and always be on the lookout for verbal or physical missiles. Some of these girls are tougher than me.

One chap solved his father’s foolery by pretending to be sleeping with his young wife. The old man did not waste time to kick her out because in his own way, he cannot use his money to buy high blood pressure. She has not recovered from the rude shock.

I think that we need to look at the trend and bring back marriage for love not money or fun of what money can buy.

When these oldies die as they often do, wives are left at the mercy of older children where there is no Will and that is the beginning of the trouble that will follow them for the rest of their lives.

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