The arrogance, indignity, ignorance and injustice of some African traditions.

Tired and looking for a little distraction from reading and writing volumes of reports, I decided to visit my social media pages and Facebook in particular.

As I trawled through the pages, I came across the most degrading report I have ever seen in my life. It was so graphic that I had to quickly close the page. What was significant was that although I was horrified many fellow Africans were comfortably watching without intervening. How awful and inhumane?

This was the physical examination of innocent young girls to identify virgins who will line up for the annual selfish pleasure of selection of a new wife by the King of Swaziland in South Africa in the name of tradition.

I was totally horrified or to put it correctly, mortified and more because these examinations were being conducted by grown women in full view of the world. Why, and I mean but why would a woman and perhaps a mother take part in such heinous acts of indignity, destruction, humiliation and buggery or outright mental, emotional or physical rape and abuse of children young enough to be her child or grandchild for the pleasure of a man and still expect me to respect her? Is this as a result of age long conspiracy of silence by women and the world or because of desire to revenge their plights while that age of to be seen as sanctimonious for the pleasure of a man who, please excuse me, I will for convenience and desire to relieve myself of the horror I feel, call a pervert and celebrated pedophile preying on innocent children under the guise of tradition.

What sane culture or tradition approves the destruction of its own foundation? Girls are future mothers and mothers are the foundation of society. So why the humiliation and destruction?

Has anyone tried to study the level of mental and emotional damage or distress this type of humiliation can cause young innocent children? Thanks to many women who have damned the consequences of the usual stigmatisation associated with being bold to call evil, evil and challenged the silly tradition of cutting up girls in the name of tradition simply for the usual lewd pleasure and satisfaction of some perverts in the shape of men. Otherwise, we would still be silent about the evil of female genital mutilation (FGM) while children bleed to death.

My take is that this tradition aimed at pleasuring and satisfying the lewd appetite of a pervert who is supposed to be in prison for child abuse and molestation is equally as heinous as FGM and needs to be condemned and proscribed by law. The difference is that FGM is done in secret while this one is done in full view of the world suggesting absolute impunity.

Has anyone checked and reported on the welfare of his current and previous child wives and the humiliation young children will feel when they are crudely diagnosed as not being virgins by non-medical personnel and their families chastise or abandon them?

I am totally incensed and hope that something will be done about this. It is simply not right and someone should tell that king that he is wrong. He reminds me of Yerima who I understand that none of his own children has ever married while a minor but he has been busy preying on vulnerable kids under the guise of religion. It’s amazing how these people hide behind religion and traditions to do to others what they would not allow to be done to them and their children and still expect me to respect them. I am very very saddened and think that we need to stand up against these practices and find ways of bringing to justice the perpetrators and their voyeuristic spectator accomplices who did nothing to stop it.

This is a reason for me to speed up work on the birth of WOMEN’S RIGHTS WATCH. There is need for a standalone platform for the promotion and advancement of the rights of women through creation of awareness and storytelling by victims.

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