And Yet I Speak!


I have been accused of pulling ranks, gender, tribal and religious bashing.

I have been mocked and laughed off.

I have been called names and blamed for hitting up the polity and spreading hate.

Some people secretly wish that they can kick my head and slap my face while others wish that they can seal my mouth and take away my pen.

Some may actually be wishing that they can pluck and eat my heart.

I will not be surprised if some would like to decapitate me and foist my head on their evil sword as a mark of baseless triumph.

And yet I speak!

But why do I still speak?

I speak from my heart not my mouth because words are love. They are healing too.

I speak to stir and awaken our minds, senses, sensibilities, spirits, conscience and consciousness.

I speak to create awareness and dispel many of our baseless but hugely detrimental and destructive prejudices which abound in our country, Nigeria and the world.

I speak not to be loved or liked but to sow, show love, and touch hearts. I have been loved and hated. I know the joy and pains of both. So I want to sow and show love instead of destructive hate because hatred hurts deeper than you can imagine.


I speak because words can break you more than stones, spears and arrows.

But sweet, kind and honest words heals the spirit, body and soul faster than medicine.

When you speak love, you touch and change lives.

When you speak or show hate; hearts, souls, spirits and bodies die leaving a trail of more and more hate.

So sow and speak just love, kindness, fairness and equality.

Change lives and make our world a better place to live in.


Kind words changes lives and brings peace more than politics, guns and knives.

Look me in the eye and tell me the truth but never lie to me because your lies are words which can kill and destroy harder than bullets.

Speak to me. Tell me that you hate me and why. I might change and become a better person.

Do not lie and speak love when you have hate in your heart. I will never know and could go on hurting instead of apologising to you and making you happy again.

Hate ravages your heart, soul, body and spirit more than cancer.

So speak and set that beautiful spirit free.

And yet I speak and speak and speak because I like to love not hate and my love is from my heart not my mouth.

So be fearlessly bold.

Show love not hatred.

Tell the truth not lies.

Show a little kindness.

Think of others not just you.

You alone cannot live in the world and make yourself happy.

We need one another. To live together happily, we must show love, understanding and tolerance. Compromise must remain our biggest mantra.

And yet I speak!

© Jenny Chika Okafor May 2014 (free spirit edition)


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