The irony of prejudice and ignorance: Nigeria’s biggest dilemma

Since the birth of our ever stagnant democracy we have been subjected to unbelievable brainwashing on the basis of tribe and religion.

Politicians have broken the cord that holds humanity together as human beings. They have sold hatred and ignorance to us. These have become the matrix upon which human conscience is measured these days. Hatred and corruption are now our second nature. Love for the sake of humanity is history.

Therefore unless we are of the same religion and tribe, we are natural born enemies and must concentrate on defending ourselves from non- existent threats to our heritage made real and magnified in the minds of unsuspecting innocent people by crooked politicians.

Funny enough this does not concern them because they still have a few things that unite them: lucre, larceny and lust. They steal and spend our money like water and share our women like holy whores regardless of what religion or tribe they belong to. Sharing wives, husbands and children have become traditional and no longer abominable at their level. Our prosperity without hard work preaching pastors, their partners in crime who finishes off the brainwashing through their condemned pulpits blackmail us when we dare ask questions. Some will threaten to open the gate of hell on themselves not us because we are protected against their ignominy by the blood of the lamb. Hell fire as a reward for stealing and lust do not exist in their books of life for the politicians but they are our sure destiny because we are not at that level and able to steal and buy jets for them as thanksgiving for the brainwashing.

When the going is good for the politician, life is good. They only remind us of our differences when they feel threatened or fell that power may be eluding them. Sadly, we never learn and always fall for their mind games.

The situation has been that while they were busy stealing, sharing and laundering our collective inheritance, we were performing true to form and hating each other with some even threatening death. That is called divisive distraction.

Some of the politicians have been like rats enjoying the absence of cats. They retired with their loot and enjoyed themselves while others are insatiable and will not go away even in the face of danger. Many of us have returned to our empty nests and turned beggars who were never rewarded for our hate efforts. We did not mind because we have been conditioned to believe that we were under siege and had a duty to protect our tribes and religions.

Now the cat is back chasing the rats and ready to tear open their guts in order to recover our stolen wealth. The thieves (politicians) are out again crying foul and claiming attack on their religion and tribe and we are ready to defend them again. But where are the pastors? What about opening and closing the gate of hell again on your friends now? That will save them from the determined cat with conscience. Lol! The turning of the table!

In our tattered clothes, drawn faces and gaunt bodies we are swiftly coming out of our shacks and leaking homes onto the street again and barking like wild animals in defence of the politician who only comes back to us when he is in trouble or every four years when he needs us to sign his already rigged election result. Why are we not asking questions?

They equip us with our money to kill ourselves but won’t provide roads, hospitals, jobs, schools etc. We are on the streets and social media again. We are encouraging our poor hungry children who have been out of school for years or finished schools with no jobs to fight and die for them. How very very smart and patriotic? Is the first law of nature no longer self- preservation?

Sometimes we retreat for shelter from better equipped Boko Haram and back again hungry, disheveled and finished but still fighting for people who only care for themselves.

Meanwhile, the politician and his children are in their homes heavily guarded or abroad where their children are studying in peace and they are pretending to be receiving medical treatment in hospitals others built.

From their mansions they send fat brown envelopes to journalists who will print and sell lies. We are encouraged to fight and die while they live in luxury abroad. If we die in the process we receive paupers’ funerals but if they die we mourn like there is no tomorrow. All roads will be closed and more of our money will be spent to give them colourful send offs.

Do we ever stop to think, ask questions and insist on answers? Are we ever going to learn the truth and stand up against evil? I am watching and hoping that we will learn sooner than later.

Won’t it be nice if the politicians to die for us or what they believe in? Enough of us have died for their sickening ambitions. So I do not see anything wrong with anyone of them volunteering to fight and die for their country or what they believe in. That will be the day!!!

3 comments for “The irony of prejudice and ignorance: Nigeria’s biggest dilemma

    July 28, 2015 at 09:48


    July 28, 2015 at 14:27

    Jenny has always come forth with right pieces concerning the Nigerian state,I guess nothing more can be added to these facts vividly stated.i hope the masses can read and take these words of the wise to heart and act by reflecing on it.

  3. Editor
    July 28, 2015 at 17:27

    Honourable K,

    We can only but continue to try hoping that some of us will listen and learn. Otherwise, we can sometimes be the cause of our own troubles.

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