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I hate my wicked mother in-law. She is evil. One day she narrated her experience while traveling with my father in-law which made her fear for the worst. The plane they were traveling in nearly crashed due to turbulence.  Inwardly I was seething with anger wondering why she did not die. This is how much I hate her.

For the sake of political correctness I exclaimed “God forbid. It is not your portion”! That was my greatest hypocrisy but I had to act the best and most concerned daughter in-law. Again, I like my father in-law and would have felt sorry not sad if he died with the witch who deserves to die on her own.I am not sure why he lets her walk all over him.

My anger and frustration with this witch is not just because she is my wicked mother in-law but also because since her son married me things have not been working well for him due to her witchcraft. Additionally, my father in-law is an acclaimed medical expert who attained greatness and respect within the medical profession and runs one of the biggest and most respected hospitals in our country. He encouraged my husband, the last child of the family to study medicine with the promise that he will hand over his hospital to him once he is fully qualified and gained requisite experience.

He has long been qualified and ready to take over but my mother in-law insists that although her three other children are very happy successful professionals who like their father have made successes in their respective fields and cannot work or have any interest in working in the medical profession, my husband can only take 60% interest in the profits of the hospital leaving 40% for her and her husband as pension and then when they both die his interest will increase to 80% and the other 20% should be shared in three equal shares in perpetuity for all their children for the benefits of all their legitimate grandchildren whether born in or after their life time including our own children.

My parents in-law have cash and other assets they can live on till the end of their lives. My siblings in-law do not need any money for themselves or their children. So why can’t this wicked witch leave the hospital and all its assets to my husband alone.

Waoh! What a wicked world we live in. She forgets that one day she will become a mother in-law and that just as her children needs their father and she needs her own parents, her husband needs his own parents too. This is a true story.


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