As I write, I am lead to believe that there is a big fracas going on between supporters of the APC and PDP in Rivers State.

Is this true and why? If true, I am very disappointed with Amaechi and PDP leaders.

In a famous prose by one of Africa’s prolific writers of my secondary school days the author asked “DO YOU WANT TO EMBELLISH OR ANNIHILATE SONGHAI?” And this is my question to Amaechi, APC and PDP.

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Nigerians, how are we going to save ourselves and live to see this democracy which we desperately want to see thrive in our country in our life time if we allow ourselves to be conned into hating and slaughtering one another for the selfish aspirations of dark men and women of the night?

OOOOHHHH! I cry for Nigeria my country. We the people not the leaders are the problem.

The people these innocent badly brainwashed souls are fighting for are well protected by police and others. The casualties are the regular people; you and me.

Nigerians arise now and save the legacy and heritage our fathers left us. Stand up against selfishness, arrogance, ignorance and injustice.a42277ad24cbb4d2319d2093d7dd5002

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